Reflections on the Holy Mass

Toward a deeper understanding of the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass

Since our arrival at Saint Luke the Evangelist, the Oratory of Ss. Gregory and Augustine has continued to welcome new members, some familiar with the Extraordinary Form and some who are new to the Traditional Sacraments. 
New and old alike were invited to three consecutive evenings to assist all the faithful in coming to a deeper understanding of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The purpose of these three evenings was to explain the structure and movement of the Mass; provide a better understanding of the theology of Holy Mass; assist in better using the Edmund Campion Missal in the pews or your own hand missal. These talks serve as an introduction for those new to the celebration of the Extraordinary Form and a refresher to those who have been parishioners of the Oratory for years.

Introduction to the Holy Mass (10/13/2020)

The Holy Mass Part 1 - Msgr Eugene C. Morris

Part I: Mass of the Catechumens (10/20/2020)

The Holy Mass - Part 2 - Msgr Eugene C. Morris

Part II: Mass of the Faithful (10/27/2020)

The Holy Mass - Part 3 - Msgr Eugene C. MorrisSJEN.TV - St. Joseph Radio